Loneliness is painful...

Here, there is always someone waiting to talk with you - a friend !

In Progress

Circle of Friends project - how it all started

There are so many of us who are surrounded by people, yet feel extremely lonely...and it's really sad that our fear of being vulnerable keeps us locked in a world of being unseen :(

A few years ago, I realised that I was feeling extremely isolated... I had people around me, but I wasn't showing my authentic self, as I felt that they wouldn't like the "real" me :( So I felt lonely - and the idea of a Circle of Friends came to me - what if I had two other people to meet with every week, people who wouldn't expect me to be a certain way, people who would be curious to know me - the real me? So I did just that - and it helped me immensely!

Now, I'm preparing to share this with you all - a place where people who want to talk would just "put themselves in green" and signal to others that they are there, looking for human connection, for a friendly chat. It is up to you if you decide to meet on a weekly or daily basis or just chat when you are available. The choice is yours. But at least you see that there are other people just like you, looking for friends. Who knows, maybe me and you, the one reading this now - we'll have a chat someday :)

In the meantime, enjoy our platform!